Mottainai USB Flash: Japanese, Silk, Crystalline, and $850

Japanese USB fetishists SolidAlliance (maker of Sushi USB Flash Drives) has released an exceptionally expensive Flash stick—the Mottainai. 2 GB of memory housed in a case of bronze, crystals, a bit of gold and Nipponish flair will run you 100,000 Yen (or about $850). Mottainai refers to the concept of failure to… » 11/03/06 1:05pm 11/03/06 1:05pm

Circuit City's Holiday Survey Says You Want...

Circuit City's annual Holiday Survey results came out today and—surprise!—the company reports that out of 2,200 poll participants, most want consumer tech this holiday. For the third year running, electronics have beat out "family trip," "new car," "home appliances" and "other" as the gift of choice for the majority (OK, 51… » 11/02/06 7:30pm 11/02/06 7:30pm